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It’s Blades here. Well, obviously. Since I’m the only one on here talking like a complete bafoon. The contortionist must be rubbing off on me. Eugh. That came out wrong. EW. What I meant to say was, I hang out with him so much, his dumbass-ness is influencing me. 

HOW’D Y’ALL LIKE THIS WEEK? And pretend I don’t sound like Miley Cyrus. 

So much love:) I’d like to give a shoutout to the anon from India. I love you and I wish I would’ve replied to you first (THANKS A LOT BEAST TAMER, PSSHHTT). Anyway, I love you, I love, We all love you, WE FREAKING LOVE YOU. 

Since I’m spreading the love, how’d you like the Beast Tamer’s fic? I LOVED IT. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND PERF AND ALL THE FEELS. GAH.

And who didn’t like Chapter 6? lol

Damn, I talk a lot. 

Anyway, we, as in our grade, is having Shakespeare night at school on the 5th. AND IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS. loljk. but seriously. That is one of the main reasons why none of us have been online as much as we want to. 

and because I accidentally stabbed the contortionist with a sword during practice. Twice.   

So, yeah.